monarobot said: The commentaries made by the sherlock fandom about elementary you guys have been reblogging are almost like a constant stream of rudeness, was it this bad with the movies? I mean I remember there was always the smartass commentary here and there, from several parts of the holmes fandom, you know, canon, granada, then bbc too, but I wasn't as active online so that might explain why I didn't feel it was as -constant-?

I don’t know how it was on Tumblr when the first movie came out because I joined later, but I came across a lot of hate on other sites.

And whenever there were news articles about AGoS there was always someone in the comment section bitching about how the movies suck why are they making another one people should just watch the BBC show instead because it’s soOoOo0o much better. (I know, shouldn’t read the comments…)

But I don’t think it ever got so bad as with Elementary.

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